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John 18:38 Pilate asks Jesus “What is Truth?”  That question is an important question that is asked by people all over the world.  true today with our students.  As they journey through their adolescence, we want to offer them “truth” in life.  From relationships to discipleship, we want to give students the truth.

Combination Series:
Combination Series is the lesson plan for the Treehouse Student Ministry.  This series is based on “The Seven Checkpoints” by Andy Stanley, with a few differences.  It is designed to create a balance in the student’s life.  It offers life and biblical application that is relevant to the middle and lat adolescence.



There are Nine Combinations

  1. Basics of Faith (September)
  2. Modern Day Parables (October)
  3. Peer Relationships (November)
  4. Other’s Minded (December)
  5. Spiritual Formation (January)
  6. Identity (February)
  7. Life of Christ (March or April)
  8. Wise Choices (March or April)
  9. Priorities (May)

During the Summer Quarter, we do a Bible Study and are more flexible in our meeting schedule.

Sunday Nights @ The Treehouse

Our students meet at 5:30 p.m. each Sunday night.


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