Who We Are

Central Christian Church is one of the worldwide non-denominational Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. This church was founded in the tradition of The Restoration Movement, a group of churches that seek a simpler way to follow God by embracing the principles on which the first church was founded (Acts 2).

We value our freedom in Christ and enjoy self-government. Without any man made creed we seek to use the Bible as our only rule of faith and practice.


Our Vision

A church community where our love for the Lord and His love for us is always felt and shared within and beyond our doors.  Daily striving to fulfill the two greatest commandments given to us by Christ as written in Matthew 22: 37,40:

  • To love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind
  • To love our neighbor as ourselves


Our Mission

  • Loving and being a blessing to visitors and others in our surrounding neighborhoods and city.
  • Loving and being a blessing to the children and youth of CCC.
  • Reaching out as servants, mentors and encouragers to edify, promote the spiritual growth of, and actively care for the needs of our congregational brothers and sisters and others who attend our programs and services.
  • Actively, prayerfully, and financially supporting Christian missions around the globe that are beyond our personal reach on a daily basis.


Church Leadership

Central Christian Church is an independent church after the pattern of the New Testament church. This means that the church is governed by local leadership and not under denominational control. There is no headquarters or hierarchy of governance.

The Bible calls for the selection of men from within the church to serve as elders and deacons. Elders serve as the overseers of the church and are responsible for the souls and the spiritual needs of the people in the church. The deacons are chosen servants to assist the elders in the oversight. The faith, experience, education and the experience of our elders and deacons equip them to minister to the needs of every member. Among them, there is a consistent love of God, His church, and all people. They are men of wisdom and compassion.