Our week of VBS is over and, even though we are all exhausted, it was great fun and so encouraging to see kids excited about being here. There were many, many volunteers who made this week a success – and we are grateful to all of you.

There were many moments that made me smile throughout the week – I LOVED seeing several of our Elders teaching and interacting with the kids every night. Of course, the kids singing so enthusiastically is always a joy to see. People stepped up to cheer, comfort, help, sing, act, and pray – sometimes at a moment’s notice – and I love seeing the Church work together like that. We ate well and loved well every night this week.

I think the most touching moment I experienced was one that was only second-hand. One of the volunteers was telling me about the drama for the day and said that he was surprised when, at prayer time, a child said that he had never prayed before. I was just a little surprised a first, but I supposed that this was not uncommon. The more I have sat with that story, though, the more I understand the impact that VBS can have. For the first time in his life, that child prayed this week. His mind, his heart, his spirit…communicated with God for the first time (that he was able to comprehend) because he came to VBS. I am so grateful that God allowed us to be a part of that!

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