Monday Minute with Gordon – VBS

Why do we do VBS?

VBS 2016 started last night at CCC!   As always, it was the beginning  to a great week.

I am amazed each year by the dedication and work of the adult leaders.   Weeks of planning and work were evident as the children arrived for VBS.    The decorations are so elaborate—I really feel like I am under water whenever I walk through the foyer.   And the chapel area—amazing!  My group met in a “submarine”—and the periscope really worked!   If you walked through our building last night you would have witnessed people dressed as Noah and his family, song leaders, teachers, snack preparers, registration and greeter people, helpers, recreation leaders, group leaders, meal preparers, cleaner-uppers, sound and computer techs, and a lot more.   Don’t forget the children!


WHY?  Why do we do VBS?   Why invest so many “man-hours”, work, and money into 5 days of VBS?  So that ONE or ONE HUNDRED children can hear about Jesus, know that God loves them, and that CCC cares!


I want to thank every VBS staffer for loving the Lord and serving Him this week!   Thank you for you sacrifice of time and energy and using your gift for His glory!

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