Monday Minute with Gordon – GET OVER IT!

Monday Minute with Gordon – GET OVER IT!


Overachieve, overbearing, overblown, overkill, overlook, overpower, override, overrule, overrun, overshadow, overstate, overtake, overthrow, overwhelm—-

This coming Sunday, I will conclude my series of sermons from Romans 12—“Let Me Be….”.    Our verse is Romans 12:21:  “Be not OVERCOME by evil, but OVERCOME evil with good.”    As I begin to put my thoughts together this morning, I went to good old Webster’s dictionary to get a genuine definition of “overcome”.   When I did that, I found a whole list of words that begin with “over” and many of those words relate to our thoughts for this sermon.


The whole 12th chapter of Romans has been telling us how to overcome the evil that is in our lives and in our world.  It tells us how to overcome the evil that people might want to do to us.   It tells us the “good” that we need to do.   We can be “overcome” (passive) or we can be “overcomers” (active)!  We have a choice.

Bambina a braccia aperte al tramonto

I hope you can worship with

us this Sunday and prep

are yourself for the Word of the Lord.

Take a few minutes and re-read Rom

ans 12, especially verses 9-21.

Reflect on your relationship to Jesus—is there an area that you need His power to help you “overcome”?

What are your struggles?

There is “victory in Jesus”!   We will share that this Sunday!


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