Launch Day

Today is launch day.

Launch day is the culmination of many months of talking, planning, designing, programming, writing, re-writing, researching, editing and learning. I have not done this alone. Our team at FaithHighway has been supportive and helpful throughout the logo and website design. They do all the technical stuff behind the scenes and I appreciate their creativity and professionalism. The CCC Atmosphere Team, and especially Darin Schug, Bethany Clay, and Randy Sims, have been extremely involved in logo decisions and website design decisions and I am very thankful that for their input and dedication to this project. Hopefully, what you experience at is a thoughtful, appealing website that you can use to interact with your church family and something that you will want to share.

I love Central Christian Church. This is a church full of people that love the Lord and love each other. We are family. We laugh, sing, work, share, support, encourage, heal and give. We disagree and we work it out. We grieve and celebrate. We fall and recover. We sharpen one another. We love and praise and worship and adore and humbly bow to our Creator and Savior. We desire to be the church that God has called us to be.

And now we have a cool website, which is not JUST a website. It’s a tool (a pretty good looking one) that we can use to communicate all of those things about who we are. I want Battle Creek to know who we are. I want your friends and loved ones to know who we are so that they might see Christ in us.

Welcome to the new – use it, share it – show others who we are and what we are about.

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