Gordon’s Blog: Pruning

Last Friday, while I was mowing the yard, Carla was cleaning her flower beds and cutting back on her perennials and her hosta plants.   Soon she will tackle some very large grasses and cut them back to ground level.  But next year—they will be back—hardy and strong!   God designed these plants to survive and […]

Gordon’s Blog: Dangerous Prayer

Bill Hybels wrote on article on prayer that will change our prayer life, our relationship to God, and our outlook on life.  Some of his thoughts might seem a little “radical” to our thinking, but remember:  “’For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8)   […]

Gordon’s Blog – Undecided?

For the last few days (weeks), the news has concentrated and anticipated the Presidential Candidates’ debate that will happen tonight.   I try to avoid expressing my political views but there are some interesting facts and thoughts that center around tonight’s debate. (I have gleaned some of these thoughts from various news sources) This debate between […]

Gordon’s Blog – Facetime

The last two evenings, our Family Minister Search Team has been interviewing possible candidates—we have been able to see each other by using “Facetime!”   Carla and I love to Facetime with our children and grandchildren (wish we could do it more often).  It’s so good to “see” them as we talk—to see their facial […]

Monday Minute with Gordon – GET OVER IT!

GET  OVER  IT! Overachieve, overbearing, overblown, overkill, overlook, overpower, override, overrule, overrun, overshadow, overstate, overtake, overthrow, overwhelm—- This coming Sunday, I will conclude my series of sermons from Romans 12—“Let Me Be….”.    Our verse is Romans 12:21:  “Be not OVERCOME by evil, but OVERCOME evil with good.”    As I begin to put my thoughts together […]